6 organic vegetable baby foods

Considering the health of the baby, without using seasonings, A gentle taste that lets you feel the sweetness of organic vegetables.
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Organic vegetable baby food [Contents] 6 pieces ・ Pumpkin & Carrot 70g x 2 ・ Onion & Carrot 70g x 2 ・ Haruka Haruka & Annoan 70g x 2 [Raw material name] ・ Pumpkin & Carrot Organic pumpkin, organic carrot, sweet potato starch ・ Onion & carrot Organic onion, organic carrot, sweet potato starch ・ Haruka Beni & Akira Anno Organic red Haruka, organic Anno coffee, sweet potato starch ・ Acquired organic JAS certification ・ Wheat, egg, milk, buckwheat, peanut, shrimp, crab not used ・ No food additives ・ Radioactivity tested [Storage Method] Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight   (After opening, store at 10 degrees or less. Use within that day.) ■ This product manufacturing factory manufactures products that contain eggs, wheat flour, and buckwheat flour as raw materials.
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