Organic carrot juice 1000ml

Whole organic carrots from Kagoshima Prefecture were made into whole juice.   "Eating" carrot juice with a crisp texture   Original taste of carrots that can be tasted because it is additive-free.   Even those who tend to lack vegetables can easily replenish nutrition every day.
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Carrotene (vitamin A) contained in carrots makes the mucous membrane of the throat and nose strong and also has the effect of increasing immunity against bacteria.  Since it contains a lot of other nutrients, it is also recommended for natural diet gelson therapy. Vitamin A and riboflavin are said to have a function to prevent oxidation and alteration of substances in the body.  In order to maintain quality, organically grown lemon juice from Ehime Prefecture, agrochemical fertilizer-free plum syrup and crude sugar from Wakayama Prefecture are used. Finished in a carrot juice that anyone can drink with confidence.  It can be tasted like “eat” with plenty of pulp, so it can be used for baby food as well as cooking and sweets. [Raw material name] ・ Organic Ginseng (Kagoshima / Miyazaki) ・ Lemon juice (produced in Ehime Prefecture) ・ Plum extract (from Wakayama)  【Preservation method】  Please store at room temperature away from direct sunlight and high temperature.  Since no preservatives are used, please put in the refrigerator after opening and consume as soon as possible.
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